Run for a party position!


Please fill out to get on the ballot by Wednesday, May 17 at 6:00pm. Nominations will also be accepted from the floor on the day of the convention.

Vice Chair: a critical leadership role on the executive team, the Vice Chair should be a community leader willing and able to advice and guide the organization in all areas. The responsibilities of our Vice Chair includes:

  • Preside over meetings and carry out other duties of the Chair in his/her absence.

  • Represent the Ward One Dems in meetings with other organizations.

  • Attend Monthly Executive Committee Meetings and provide strategic insight to activities and operations.

  • Assist Standing and Special Committee Chairs in developing and implementing activities and initiatives.

  • Assist with the development and execution of Ward One Democrat events.


Precinct Representative: The front line leadership of our party. The responsibilities of Precinct Reps include:

  • Communicate with others in your precinct (by way of social media, email, telephone, signs, handouts and door-to-door canvassing).

  • Encourage others in your precinct to register as DC Democrats.

  • Attend meetings for Precinct Reps and other Ward One Democrats events

  • Assist and organize GOTV efforts for Democrats in the District and around the region during election cycles (e.g., Virginia's Governor race in 2017, Mayor and Congressional races in 2018, etc.)

  • Play leadership roles in the Ward One Dems (optional but encouraged)

Registration has closed but if you are interested in still running, come to the convention and you can receive a nomination from the floor. 


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